Career After Arts School

career after arts school



Ordinarily, many people don’t comprehend being an artist as a career option. The common belief is that it is only an elitist pursuit, without a guarantee of financial returns. Nevertheless, this preconceived notion may not be pertinent to each career choice which involves artwork. For example, having a career in art isn’t limited to just painting. There are several other lucrative career choices in the arena of art, once graduated from art school. These schools may offer formal training in art, which equip students with resources which may be utilized in commercial settings. You might be among the lucky ones to be able to cover your accounts by your artwork! MultiMedia Artist And Animator: In case you are intrigued in producing animated pictures for commercials in various media, such as TV, print media, cinema or pc games, it is possible to become a multi-media artist. 

Multi media artists create the large collection of images, which become the animated pictures on television, computer games or films. In 2002, there were almost 75, 000 animators and multi-media artists in the United States, and this number is likely to expand further in the future. It’s possible to become a multi-media artist if you have a bachelor or even masters degree in fine arts, even though it is not always essential. Craft Artist: A profession as a craft artist could be perfect if you have a passion for producing useful artifacts such as tainted glass, pottery, hand woven rugs, sculpture or even woodcarvings. 

These trades are very popular in markets all over the Earth, thus earning a profession as a craft performer a rewarding career choice. You will never know when your craftwork could develop into another typically wanted collectible. Studio art courses at your local art school could be of great help in mastering the required skills. You may also join an art club to improve your craft. In general, craft artists work on a more freelance commission basis. You may also finds work in studios and galleries that typically require creative craft artists. In accordance with the U.S. BLS, the average earning of craft artists in 2005 was $27, 360. 

Fine Art Artist: Fine artwork is another profession option which you could pursue after art school. Painters, illustrators and sculptors fall into this category. The competition in this field is fierce, for there are so many aspiring artists. As a fine artwork artist, you can show your artwork in museums, and your creations could be sold in auctions. Art Director: As an art director, it is possible to produce creative visual concepts meant for magazines, newspapers, videos, websites or billboards. An artwork director needs to coordinate with graphic designers and photographers and make decisions related to the presentation of visual concepts.

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